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From the Department of State Health Services

Department of State Health Services

Congratulations to Golden Plains Community Hospital for being named to the IAC Birth Dose Honor Roll. This recognition is bestowed on those hospital and birthing centers that have the levels for administering the hepatitis B vaccine at birth. Golden Plains Community Hospital is one of 247 institutions in the United States to receive this recognition. To be included in the Birth Dose Honor Roll, a hospital or birthing center must achieve (over 12 month period a coverage rate) 90% or greater in administering hepatitis B vaccine before discharge. Thank you for your dedication and work with the Texas Department of State Health Services Region! To protect newborns from life-threatening hepatitis B infection.




Lisa Ann Thomison‎ to Golden Plains Community Hospital (GPCH)
Yesterday at 2:50am ·

Thank you to the staff of Golden Plains ER, tonight you saw our daughter for a sprained ankle, I feared was broken...No matter which member of my family is in need you are always caring, and attentive and prompt as possible seeing patients. We thank you!



Rusty Ratliff reviewed Golden Plains Community Hospital (GPCH)5 star
June 10 ·

ER dept was top notch. Saved my life no doubt. Highly recommend them.



Sharron Harris reviewed Golden Plains Community Hospital (GPCH)5 star
May 14 ·

My Mother was brought to the ER with stroke symptoms. The ER staff gave her immediate, excellent care. The nursing staff and ER docs were super. The hospitalist, Dr Salcita, admitted her as a patient into icu. He was very kind, caring and thorough. Very cooperative with the family. The nursing staff is superb. The food is even great. In our opinion, it is silly to go to a big hospital where you are just a number when Golden Plains Community Hospital is available. Thank you to everyone who had a part in Mother's recovery. Hutchinson County is blessed to have this facility.



Anita Lopez Sumner reviewed Golden Plains Community Hospital (GPCH)5 star
April 29 ·

It was a very nice place and sweet nurses.
I loved it .



Beth Walker Turner reviewed Golden Plains Community Hospital (GPCH)5 star
April 28 ·

Spent 2 days in ICU in January. Had excellent care...,the ER is great, nurses right there when you need them...no complaints.



Kendra Araiza reviewed Golden Plains Community Hospital (GPCH)4 star
February 28 ·

My daughter was taken into the ER quickly and received prompt, attentive care. She was then admitted, and continued to receive great care. I'm really glad that the vast majority of people caring for her talked to her and treated her gently, she's a child and she was scared and miserable. Another thing that I really appreciate is that about a week or so after she was released, someone from the hospital called me just to ask how she was doing. Who does that? Thank you, GPHC!




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