Leadership Team

A Message from the CEO

Unique challenges for today's healthcare reform in rural Texas:

  • An economy based on self-employment and small businesses
  • Public health insurance plans: dependence and need
  • A stressed health care delivery system
  • Health care provider and workplace shortage
  • An aging rural population
  • A sicker, more at-risk population
  • Need for preventative care, health and wellness resources
  • Increasing dependence on technology
  • Effective emergency medical services
DB THT Conference

Dr. Don Bates


Chief Executive Officer

The staff at Golden Plains Community Hospital (GPCH) is a driven and dedicated team with a set of goals that we strive to accomplish each day, which include: improving the quality of care, increasing customer/patient satisfaction, minimizing cost, minimizing time involved in delivering service, decreasing staff frustration, and having staff empowered to be more effective.

We are using the tagline “Quality Care-Where You Live” to emphasize our desire to continue building a partnership with the community as we all seek to find opportunities to support wellness, and when needed, provide high quality health care, state-of-the-art technologies, and diagnostic improvements in a comfortable, healing environment. I'm very proud to be associated with the dedicated staff of professionals that work at GPCH – many of whom have dedicated their entire careers to meeting the health care needs of our community. Likewise, it is a privilege to partner with outstanding providers in our community to bring you a level of care envied by many communities.

Meet the Administration Team

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