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Hutchinson Co. COVID-19 Community Scorecard

Updated 07/15/2022, 3:00 pm - The state has updated their dashboard, so our scorecard has been modified also to reflect the data the state provides.  The state is no longer posting the number of active cases or the number of recoveries.

As of 11/4/2021, children 5-11 are included in the vaccination numbers and the eligible population denominator is now all Texans 5 years of age and older.

In regards to the Scorecard please understand the following:

1. We report the same numbers that the state posts (positives, actives, fatalities). The state dashboard is linked below.

2. We remove the old copy of the scorecard not to hide anything but to have only the most current scorecard posted. We did this in hopes of maintaining accuracy and preventing confusion.

3. "The math doesn’t add up.” People are being tested both inside and outside Hutchinson County. The number of positives comes from both inside and outside of the county, however, the number of tests given, negatives, and pending are only the ones tested in Hutchinson County.

4. We chose to remove the number of hospitalizations due to the fact that we are a smaller county and we want to do everything in our power to protect our patients' privacy.

We appreciate the feedback and hope this clears up any confusion on the scorecard. This is a trying time for everyone and we don’t want to add confusion to the mix. Stay safe and healthy!

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